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If you are trying Monocure Resin for the first time or you have just bought a new printer, then you will probably need to update your slicer settings so our resin and your printer will work harmoniously together.

The best way to do this is with the use of Calibration Models. These are small, detailed models that shouldn’t take too long to print and will give you a better idea of your settings without wasting resin. There is nothing more disappointing than putting on a large print only to discover it has failed because your slicer settings were not quite right.

I like the simple Test Disc and Calibration Matrix from the list below. Our chemists use these regularly in the laboratory for development and quality control purposes. Please check out the video I made below explaining the process in more detail

You can also see on the Printer Settings page if we have your printer listed, it will give you a good idea what settings to start with. We try to update this page regularly when new printers get released, an existing one gets an upgrade and when we launch a new product. (Feel free to let us know if you think there is a printer missing.).

Remember, you can always contact our technical support team  if you have any questions regarding our resin compatibility with your printer.


Director – Monocure 3D

Monocure Test Disc

Great place to start, a simple, fast model that is a good test for build plate adhesion and levelling. You can use the details on the text to make sure you have your layer times dialed in.

Monocure Calibration Matrix

A fast test to check for fine detail. Your print should look like the picture if printed at the right layer times.

Monocure Calibration Matrix 2

This is a favorite of our Lab Technicians! It has heaps of detail and covers a wide range of angles. The bridge is a great test to make sure you have your set up right. Your print should look like the picture if the layer times are correct.

Monocure Rook

The classic resin printer torture test. Great for fine checking detail and looks very cool when printed. Make it as big or as small as you want, doesn’t need a raft, just position it straight on the build plate as below.


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