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The Monocure 3D Advantage

At Monocure 3D we develop & manufacture all our resins on-site, so we never run out of stock.
We can easily adjust the formulations if you require a custom solution. 

Our RAPID product range is designed for low powered LED/LCD DLP type 3D printers.

Rapid Resin Compatible Printers

• Anycubic Photon & Photon S
• Phrozen Shuffle & XL
• Creality 3D LD-001 & LD-002R
• Elegoo Mars
• Epax
• Peopoly Phenom
• Phrozen Shuffle, Sonic Mini & XL
• Prusa SL1
• Uniz Slash & Plus
• Wanhao Duplicator 7 & 8
• WOW SparkMaker Pro & FHD
• XAYAV Model V
• Lotus EZ
• Kelant Orbeat100
• Any low powered LED/LCD 3D Printer

Our Standard product range is designed for high powered LED projector type 3D printers.

Standard Resin Compatible Printers

• MoonRay
• Peopoly Moai
• Asiga UV-Max
• Phrozen Make
• B9 Creator
• Flashforge Hunter
• XYZ Nobel
• Kudo Titan
• Any high powered, bottom up, LED projector 3D Printer.

Our High-Quality Standard & RAPID Resin Both Have A Viscosity Reading Of 300 - 400 CPS And Have Been Successfully Tested On A Range Of SLA & DLP Printers.

We have a large range of colours to choose from.

A non-yellowing formula and requires very little post-curing.

Has very low odour & VOC emission.

Enhanced Toughness & Durability at Shore D - 70 (Hard Hat is 80), smooth when cured.

Will curing under UV lights with Wavelengths up to 420nm - SLA UV Laser or LED's & DLP Projector.

Is designed for high-resolution parts and display very low shrinkage properties <0.5%>

Our RAPID RESIN was designed specifically for low powered LED/LCD DLP printers like the Wanhao Duplicator 7, AnyCubic Photon & SparkMaker.

Made from the highest quality materials and draw on 30 years of UV formulation experience.


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